Gallery Opening! Deep Obsession Summer Kick-Off - Mike Scott Photography

This weekend was the summer kick-off party for Deep Obsession Charters and I was honored to be given the opportunity to display and sell my work, publicly, for the first time! Let me tell you, It's a very nerve-racking process to set up a public display if you've never done it before. As I was looking through my images it felt like nothing was good enough and I lost a lot of sleep making my final picks. I tried to select images that not only represented our local diving and favorite charters but would inspire more people to get into diving and explore the underwater world. I hope I was successful!

The Deep Obsession shop is also featuring artwork by my friends Ryan Walton & Chris Gillette. It's a very impressive sight; one that takes your breath away the moment you walk in the door!

If you want to see these wonderful animals, in the wild, for yourself then don't hesitate to book a trip with Deep Obsession Charters. See you there!

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